On Darwin

Thoughts On Darwin’s “Survival of the Fittest”:

There was a time when I was in so much despair and my mental distress was so powerful, that I was bewildered by the fact that other people seemed to be trying to “save me.”  Why were they trying to save me?  It was baffling.  Didn’t I clearly deserve to die?  (I was brain-washed into believing I had caused my mother’s unhappiness and mental illness.)  Wasn’t I a miserable person?  Wasn’t I incomplete, guilty of many sins, and on a path leading to a natural self-destruction?  This brought Darwin to mind.  The “survival of the fittest” says that the weak must die.  And I was surely full of weakness at that point, just teetering on the verge of making a decision to kill myself. But now I believe that “survival of the fittest” is not a true concept.  It envisions a cold-hearted “Mother Nature,” crushing the runt of the litter underfoot.  As Christians, do we believe in Mother Nature, or do we believe in a loving God?  Who is really in control?  It is the loving God!  Sometimes animals die because they are sick (and the lion catches them), but we are not animals.  We are precious to God.  We are family!  We are children of the Father, a “child of the King,” as the song states.

Arnold Schwarzenegger stated once that, “What does not kill you, makes you stronger.”  That is true.  I am stronger now than many people who have never fallen from their own grace.  But if I was cut down when I was emotionally sick, I would never have had a chance to become stronger through my tribulations!  I can say that every one of the strongest people I know has been sick at one time, or has been in a vulnerable position!  It is human to get sick, even if it is only once in a lifetime.  If every person were cut down when they were vulnerable or sick, there would not be any humans left living!  What do we have

hospitals for, if not to help the sick?  Is it right to help the sick, or is it right to allow them to die naturally by the hand of Mother Nature (a person who does not even exist)?

Kent Hovind explains that survival is about luck, in many circumstances, not about being strong or “fit.”  When the whale comes and chomps at a school of fish, it does not matter which fish is strongest.  What matters is the location of the fish!  Do you see that “survival of the fittest” is illogical, cruel and erroneous?  When you look into the eyes of a dying person, all you want to do is help them, because it is God’s love in you that inspires you to reach out to another person.  That person’s fate could so easily be yours, if the situation were reversed.  We are all exceedingly vulnerable to so many things, be it natural disaster, infection, defects in our genes, crime, starvation, or suicide.  So we should help and protect the weak, just like elephants put the baby elephants in the center of the herd for protection when the lion approaches. Aren’t all children weak?  Yet we love and protect them.  They are a beautiful gift from God, just like you.  Save yourself!  Or reach out to someone else who can save you.  Allow yourself to be kept in a safe place until the suicidal feelings pass.

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